Remember when sales were "simple"?

Remember when sales were "simple"?


What is Sales Consulting?

Sales consulting is the advisement of businesses in order to improve the quality of their sales organization. Sales consultants provide value by completely understanding their client’s company and product/service, and providing expertise, ideas, and strategies to on how to improve selling effectiveness. 

Consulting has a larger scope and can cover a longer timeframe to ensure successful adoption of new sales techniques.

You May Want to Consider a Sales Consultant When...

... you recognize you have a problem, but you don’t know how to fix it

... your company has no sales foundation

... your company has a sales foundation, but it’s not working well

... your company has great potential but is unable to grow

... you are unable to scale your sales organization

... you have bad sales management

... you have high turnover

... your sales team is underperforming

... the competition is killing you

Sales Consulting Works Well

Before making any changes based on their recommendations, sales consultants and your company leadership need to define and agree upon expectations, goals, and priorities are clearly defined.

An important part of sales consulting is discovery, in order to fully understand a client. A good sales consultant will separate the forest from the trees and uncover hidden revenue blockers and other issues that you haven’t found.  They will then provide candid feedback.

Employees can be more receptive to talking to a consultant versus their own company management, and a good sales consultant facilitates this kind of discussion and uses findings to find areas of strength and weakness in the sales organization.

 Every business is unique, and so should the solution be that a sales consultant provides. Just as is the case with sales training, sales consulting won’t work if it’s a one-size-fits-all kind of solution.


Questions to consider you may be asked by our team:

Does your organization define the level of professionalism to which your competitors will need to aspire?

Is your company and each sales professional an integral part of your customers supply chain?

Are you able to effectively minimize price as a component of the value equation?

Does your sales team understand the negotiation tactics necessary to effectively “defend your price” with customers?

Does your sales team enjoy expanded, resilient relationships with your customers?

Is your sales team able to effectively uncover new opportunities to create preferred position with customers?

How well is your organization able to articulate your value proposition?

Does your sales team consistently think strategically? Competitively?

Does your sales force possess the practical financial knowledge and business acumen to optimize its role in your organization’s profitability?

Do your sales professionals have fully developed plans to revitalize marginal accounts or renew lost accounts?

How would a shortened sales cycle or improved closing rate impact your organization?

Is your sales team and sales management team equipped and prepared to increase your market share?