“We are grateful for all of our current, former, and future coworkers, peers and partners.”
— Kenny Ripkowski

The attention to detail in his work is truly remarkable. He explained his work thoroughly to not only myself but my team which allowed us to work as a team to present the value of the solution to our customer. At our company, we have an extremely large portfolio so the attention to detail of listening to the customer’s true needs and understanding their desired business outcomes was a huge part of achieving our success within the account. He truly is a huge asset to any team and I was grateful to work with him on any opportunity we could.

Nicole T.

(Dallas, TX)

Director of Sales

I had the pleasure of having Kenny as part of the team. Our publicly traded company has been on a journey of Transformation through the last years. The attention to detail, but more importantly his ability to be flexible and take on new challenges made him a true clutch player. He took on each new change of process and methodology with enthusiasm. He frequently became the de facto leader of whatever project he was involved in. He is always prepared for anything that pops up and knows how to take control when needed.

Louis D.

(Houston, TX)

SEnior Manager of Strategy

I have been impressed over the past 4 years with his ability to understand what a client is trying to achieve. He is thoughtful to the vision of the organization, but further collaborates with our clients to help guide the best outcome possible. He shares best practice with a detailed eye to a client's outcome and understands the challenges and root cause relationships that may be preventing that outcome.  He has consistently been able to communicate complex technical concepts to individuals with varied technical knowledge in a way that can be understood. He communicates in a professional and respectful way to people in differing business units with differing interests.

Denise P.

(Houston, TX)

Branch Sales Manager

I had the pleasure of leading a team during a critical period as we rolled out multiple pilots nationwide for revolutionary support mechanisms for consulting in Remote Design Services. The unique blend of highly organized professional acumen, technological expertise, customer first mentality, willingness and aptitude to overachieve while helping internal and external customer's do the same is uncommon amongst technology professionals that I've worked with over the years. I'd highly endorse this team.

John L.

(Lafayette, LA)

Senior Manager of Design) 


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